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March 20th/22nd Tumalo State Park
Bend, OR
Rain, rain, and more rain...
* See photos (courtesy of Jim Arnott)
* I finally developed  my photos
June 5th/7th  Maryhill State Park
Maryhill, WA
* Tops down... / Tops up! (courtesy of Ty Hodges)
* More photos (courtesy of James Arnott)
* Great shots by Rick Gordon:  #1  #2  #3
4th of July weekend "Westfalia Acres"
(@ Crandall's ranch)
Drain, OR
Parade and fireworks in Oncalla, Susan's tour of VW's, good food. (the usual...)
* See photos:    Crandall's fire truck   Jack's bus
Crandall's Dormobile   Both  At the parade
Aug. 7th/8th  Cape Lookout
Tillamook, OR
Well, the crabbing wasn't that great, but food was not a problem...
* Nice images of attending VW's:  #1  #2
Aug. 14th/16th  Lyre River RV Park
Olympic peninsula, WA
* Some nice  photos from Harald and Nancy. (Sorry about the huge size)
* More photos
Labor Day weekend Frenchglen, OR
(Pop. 10)
Not a WetWesties' exclusive. Read Jim and Lisa's entertaining trip report
Sept. 25th/27th Catherine Creek State Park
Union, OR
The "Second Annual WetWesties/Bus Pilots Reunion"
The site of our first-ever gathering (see above)
Oct. 2nd/3rd & 4th "Westfalia Acres"
Drain, OR
* Photos courtesy of Harald & Nancy (once again):
 #1  #2  #3
* Or check out  Steve's

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