Fafner and one of the Crandall's
In the background; Dustin's bus 
and a late 70's Westfalia. I didn't 
catch who its owner was.(Anyone?)

Part of the group: We had 14 buses, 
1 bug, about 25 people and an
unusual amount of dogs...

Buses everywhere! 

A Very Welcomed fire after the rain.
And the philosophers are..., from left
to right: 
Pete and Sally Clark (Loon Lake, WA),
Melissa (Corvallis, OR),
Harald and Nancy (Olympia, WA), 
Vince Pappalardo (Corvallis, OR),
Jack Maynard (Corvallis, OR),
Rick Crandall (Drain, OR),
and Jim Arnott (Union, OR).

This is what a 1:1 bus/tree ratio 
looks like!


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