Coffepot cave pre-trip report and directions from Bob Keezer.

Hello Wet-ones! I am back from Maupin and South Central Oregon. Thanks for the great food-I enjoyed meeting new "members"and caravaning down with Scott and Julianna. Sunday was hot. I hung out in some air-conditioned stores in Bend for a while, before heading south to Derrick cave. Here is the results of my survey, and the new improved, super-sized "Cave Oddessy" primitive camping event. I'm throwing in a bathtub warm clear river at no extra charge. I spent Tuesday night there-and i have to say that i did not want to leave. The cave will be a day trip , a stop over on our way to the Gorge meet.The place with the river is clled coffeepot flat, the river is the Chewaucan River, and the place is Fremont National Forest. It's out there, but not as far awayas the Steens.It is free, and primitive. The valley is very beautiful. No bugs, no bears, no bahgwans.I searched the valley till I found the perfect spot-shade trees, river right next. No trailers or motorhomes traverse here. I saw no one camping anywhere. It is south of Paisely. I wold give you the mileage but i don't want to scare you. No, i would like to persuade you to come, and once there, I'll tell you how far you travelled. This is far away, yet you can see the local fire lookout on top of the range east of coffeepot. There is a small hill that i climbed that affords a fantastic view of the valley. The terrain is very easy to travel over, and there is even a old homestead cabin on the noerth edge of the prairie. SO, to make the travelling easier, this is how the plan looks now- come on July 30th-August 1st. we will meet at the campsite. Directions will be easy-go south from Paisely 16 miles on FS 33 which is paved. I will heve a Bright yellow sign here with the letters WW on it. Turn left off of FS 33 onto gravel FS 3510. about 3.6 miles, before the bridge, turn left onto the camp road. >From here the route will be well marked to lead you directly to the campsite, about five miles from the turn off FS 3510. The markers will be white tape.A second yellow sign will be used to mark the final turn down the hill to the cattlegaurd, where you make a right turn and cross the cattle gaurd. Then about a half mile down, a left turn thru a gate leads to the camp. This camp has the best shade, and the best road conditions than the sites farther north. Some of you may not want to leave, and we will understand.So, if you wanted a place to stay several days-you will like Coffeepot. We will leave early Friday morning , to be able to shuttle one or two Vanagons to the cave for a visit.I have designated a camp 1.9 miles form the cave at the ruins of Glen Cabin, on the old stage road. (Silver Lake-Prineville, 1883)This can also be a good shady camp for those who don't plan the gorge-yet, with the attraction of another potluck, and the show-how will you resist going on ? I will post about this again-meanwhile see some of you at the Vintage meet, and perhaps even Ranier. Maybe a guy with a trailer loaded with vintage parts will show up. The admission fee may be worth the suspense. Guten Nacht! Robert