Sandy Roads in Southern Bolivia
1982 Vanagon Westfalia 1.9 Diesel, "Guapo". This Westy took my wife, dog and myself in a transcontinental overland trip from Oregon to Argentina in 2002 (see more here ). We are very fond of this vehicle and have the best memories of living and travelling in it for 4 months in a row. It is now in Argentina, waiting for someone to bring it back to the US! :) To see all the specifications, and optional equipment of Guapo, visit here

I am the second owner of this unrestored, one-owner Velvet Green Westie. It has 93,000 original miles. It is complete, rust-free, and original from bumper to bumper! It also came with the rare '66 Westy tent and the roof rack. I have all the documentation since the day it was picked up in Hannover in 1966, under VW's Tourist Delivery Program. Go here for the whole story on this unique bus.

1966 Standard Microbus with correct and complete Westfalia interior, including all cabinets, all jalousie windows (the photo shows a pop out), curtain tracks, child's cot, and roof rack. Over the 7 years I've owned this bus, I did a lot of work to it: sanded the whole thing down to the bare metal, primered it and had it paint with Dove Blue (mixed to VW's specs). I also rebuilt the front end (minus steering box), and treated all the floors with POR-15. It has a strong 1600 single port engine. Overall a very straight, dry, and reliable bus, I've driven all along the west coast with it. It was my keeper, until the above Westie showed up...

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