WetWesties at Nehalem Bay State Park, Oregon. Jan. 26-28 2001

The Campground:

The Saturday Night Potluck:

Robert testing Cris' Eberspacher B2L gas heater at midnight...

The Vehicles:

Scott Solomon's '71 Westfalia with the rare SO-69 interior (Roy, WA):

A distant relative showed up...James and Emilie Malloy's '63 Westfalia Unimog converted from firetruck to camper (Sheridan, OR):

Chance (on the left) with "Fafner" (Eugene, OR):

'90 Westfalia, Harald and Nancy Rust (Olympia, WA):

'76 Westfalia, Jim Malloy Jr.(Sheridan, OR):

'83.5 Westfalia "Buckeye", Julie and Shamus Gamache(Sheridian, OR):

'79 Westfalia, Mark Fitzsimons and Betsy Miller (Milwaukie, OR):

'69 hand-fashioned camper "Woodstock", Leon Dunham (Corvallis, OR):

'83 Westfalia, Chris Andersen (Seattle, WA):

'89 Syncro Westfalia "Virginia", Carolyn Brown (Medford, OR):

Robert "Warmer Wagen" Keezer's '82 Westfalia with double catalytic heaters and a Jetta engine (Seattle, WA):

'86 Westfalia "The Tortoise", Hobbie Denny (Olalla, WA):

'89 Westfalia "Wilbur", Randy and Mary Zimmerman (Silverdale, WA):

Susan Dolvin's '66 Dormobile (Drain, OR):

'87 Westfalia "Stella", Karen Buehrig (Oregon City, OR):

'91 Westfalia "Westy Le Bleu", Kathleen Piper (Portland, OR):

Breakfast at Susan's:

Checking Out Misc. VW literature:

Scenes From Hwy. 101:

Susan's Dormobile eating miles

Beaver Bob's place (Beaver, OR):

Yaquina Head Lighthouse: