Trip Report #1

Hello wetwesties, Dale and I just arrived home from Cougar Rock. First I want to thank Harald and Nancy for hosting the event. We arrived Friday afternoon and took a drive to Paradise, the wildflowers were beautiful but it was cold up that high. We then went to the campground where we set up camp. Friday nite it rained so hard our tarp collapsed. (...) Sat afternoon we went to the paradise lodge and visitor center with Hobie and Gerard for some wetwestie bonding and hot chocolate. The sat eve potluck was yummie and dry and held at Karen and Terrys. Harolds dutch apple pie was excellent. It was great to meet Joyce and Kathleen and was good to see Julianna and crew again. We filled our tummys, enjoyed the conversation and turned in early. We departed early on Sunday and went to a cafe in Ashford for breakfast. I would say a good time was had by all. Hobie, we have your pepper mill. I will catch up with you in Gig Harbor and return it (we really need to stop meeting like this) Trish and Dale Goodvin Gig Harbor 1972 Campmobile (lily)

Trip Report #2

Hi all, Yes, we made it home!! The Rastafalia ran perfect all the way back to Corvallis. I will be checking out a new Oxygen senser tomorrow. It rained so hard that we pulled over in Morton, about an hour from Rainier on Friday night. Saturday we managed to limp up to Cougar Rock, and stalled right in Harold and Nancy's campsite. It ran sort of ran ok up to Paradise on Saturday afternoon, only lurching and stalling a few times. Harold listened to my descriptions, and then mentioned a few things it could be. After listening to it, he discconected the oxygen senser, and it seems to have worked! We made it to Portland, and then to Corvallis with no problems. I think the kids will be talking about this trip for a long while. They had a blast running through the forest, and biking around the campsite! We certainly kept the Wet in WetWesties this trip. Although I must admit that most of Saturday was good and Sunday was great! Thank you so much to Liz, who donated her site to us rugrats who showed up with no reservations. I hope you got home ok, and warmed up from Friday night. The potluck was great, the people even better! I must admit Harold, that Dutch apple pie was heavenly! Can I get the recipe? : ) Julianna 90 VW Vanagon Westfalia 74 VW Beetle Thanks to Trish who provided the bumperstickers, and Kathleen for the lights!

Trip Report #3

Greetings: I guess I should weigh in, lest anyone wonder whether we got lost on the way home. Joyce & Kathleen made it back to Portland on Sunday without incident. We were a bit dampened, and most disappointed that because of the low cloud cover we never were able to see The Mountain, except for a slight glimpse on Friday. Nevertheless, I must admit, the wildflowers at Paradise were spectacular. We Mt. Hoodies must hike some distance to see wildflower meadows, whereas at Rainier you drive through them! Fortunately the rain lifted for our Saturday potluck. Thanks to Harald, there was ample firewood, so we all kept warm while munching the delicious and varied offerings. We enjoyed meeting new-to-us folks: Liz & Steve, Trish & Dale, and John & Elena, who went home early Saturday. I still have a couple of mini fluorescent lites to sell. I'm planning to take them to the Cave campout later this week. p.s. We toasted Hobie's turning 200k on his Tortoise as he entered the park Friday. Way to go, Hobie! Kathleen Piper Portland, Oregon '91 Westfalia, "Westy Le Bleu," possibly to be renamed

Hello Volks, Karen & I had reservations for two nites, but we were delayed Friday until after 9:00 PM. Finished a few chores sat morning & took off, the check in at ranger bldg., took longer than expected, Cool weather but no rain, looked as though it could start at any time. After setting up the tent (we are westieless) arranged the tarp over the van & tied it off to the tree's, Earlier this summer I found a spool of electrician Cord used to pull wires through conduit. Very strong, use for tow straps if braided. 'Met up with Trish & Dale, they told us it had poured rain Friday night. Soon saw Kathleen & Joyce, & Harld & Nancy. Decided to have the pot luck where we had set up camp, Thanks to Trish & Dale for the cedar kindling & Harald for the dry fire wood didn't take long to get the fire going. Hobbie provided the salad mix & Kathleen had a very good potato salad, Karen had cooked the chicken earlier It was all good, Haralds pie was the best. Juliana & the kids roasted marshmallow's over the coals &'had lots of good fun. Looking forward to the trip to Yakima in Sept. And to the hood river event next week. Terry & Karen