The Type 2 Webpage A comprehensive view of pre 1979 buses. Events, chat, classifieds, etc. Ron Lussier's superb site. Photos, stories, links, accessories, tips, etc. Westfalia's official web site (in german)
Go here for a good description (in english)of what is being offered by VW for "Campers and Leisure Vehicles" in Europe these days.

Shaffner Motors A great place to go find parts for your Type2 in Seattle. Say hi to Rudi for us!

Click to visit Free Loop Highly recommended, I invited them to attend one of our events VW Planet One of the most complete VW sites anywhere, emphasizes on aircooled vehicles Vintage Bus Another excellent site dedicated to split-window buses
Volkswagens of Western Oregon (VWofWO) Local events, swaps, and more. The Westfalia Owners Web Site A must for any Westie owner... Northwest's Volkswagen Clubs OR., WA., ID. & Canada.
Steve Schwenk's Syncro Page Information, links, accessories, photos, etc. of these wonderful vehicles. > The Albuquerque Air Alliance hosts the Busses and Balloons in October.


CampNet America The original source for camping information on the WWW. The Riviera Pages A section devoted exclusively to Riviera Campwagens. Compiled by our very own Jim Arnott.

Oil crisis? What oil crisis??? Click to see Eugene's busesHow many VW buses are in Eugene, OR? Someone is counting...(and taking photos). Click on the thumbnail to see them. Volkswagen AG's Technical Recommendation for "Journeys Under Difficult Conditions".
Volkswagen AG's Instructions for "Tropical Climate Operation". Julio Cortazar's "Fafner the Dragon" (My bus was named in honor of this wonderful short story about the author's Westfalia).

Some Warholian bus art
1990 Vanagon add Not Astro, not Caravan, not Aerostar... Roll Your Own As seen in the 1980 Whole Earth Catalog Volkswagen AG's "birth certificate" of my two buses.
A bus/westie buyer's checklist , by wetwestian Tobin Copley. Why you should never park your bus close to a big tree... Towing truck? We don't need no stinkin' towing truck!
Pics of an LT-31with german license plates, as seen traveling through the Oregon coast in June 1998. Barbara and I drove Fafner to our first wedding anniversary celebration in this fire lookout in eastern Oregon Lane Transit District (Eugene, OR) bus fleet and their proud drivers during the late 60s. An additional interesting fact about this photo is that I nowadays work in the building pictured!

Four Generations of Westfalias
Drawing of the four generations of Westfalias courtesy of VW-Bus-Club Koblenz, Germany.

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