The title of this page pretty much sez it all.. This spot will be dedicated to linking to those sites that chronical amazing adventures in VW vans. Be they Splitties, Bays, Vanagons, or Eurovans.

At the head of the list will always be our own Cris Torlasco and his adventure in progress. May the Wet Westies be the springboard for many more "extreme road trips"!

Sit back, warm up that mouse, and click for adventure!

Travesía Panamericana Cris Torlasco's South American road trip.

Zebra Safari Cristian, Gisela, & Shawn from the Cape to Cairo and beyond.

An adventure of Olympic proportions Greg Lyons

Vagabonds / Losilgato geocities / Losilgato Onelist /
Rich & Amanda Ligato's South America AND Africa road trip.! E-mail them

Know of a web site that chronicals an amazing road trip?
Please send me the URL.... thanks!
Dan Simmons