Travesía Panamericana
Final Thoughts/ Stats.


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Here are some trip numbers:
We drove a total of 13,317 miles to Buenos Aires, during 4 months exactly. The average fuel consumption was 28 mpg,  spent 837.50 U$S in diesel and consumed 475 gallons of it overall. We only used about U$S 3 worth of propane, even though we constantly cooked in the vehicle throughout the trip.
We spent a total 74 nights in "Guapo", 27 at friends' homes, and only 18 at hotels.
Fuel cost by country
USA: 109 U$S
Mexico: 254 U$S
Belize: 16 U$S
Guatemala: 40 U$S
Honduras: 12.50 U$S
Nicaragua: 7 U$S
Costa Rica: 69 U$S
Panama: 28 U$S
Ecuador: 14 U$S
Peru: 166 U$S
Bolivia: 46.50 U$S
Argentina: 75.50 U$S
Cost of fuel per gallon, by country (April/July 2002) 
USA:  1.40 U$S
Mexico: 2.09 U$S
Belize: 2.25 U$S
Guatemala: 1.25 U$S
Honduras: 1.50 U$S
Nicaragua: 1.58 U$S
Costa Rica: 1.70 U$S
Panama: 1.50 U$S
Ecuador: .90 U$S
Peru: 2.10 U$S
Bolivia: 1.75 U$S
Argentina: 1.40 U$S
Our final thoughts about this adventure will be published here shortly, together with more stats and other information that might be useful for anyone planning a similar trip.
We will also post a report and photos about our upcoming trip to Patagonia, and any others we do before we get back to the US, including our possible return through Brazil (coast)-Amazon river-Trans Amazon Hwy-Caracas, in June 2003.