1.8 Microbus
4 cylinder, 1781 cc, 4 speed manual, front disc brakes, steel or optional aluminum 15" wheels, 85 liter fuel tank, rear heated window, reclining seats, tinted glass windshield, rear wiper washer, round twin hallogen headlights, central locking system, Grundig 5201 radio/tape with detachable face (optional), mudflaps, 12-month unlimited distance warranty, 3-year anti corrosion, 15,000 km service intervals.
Price: R 90,000 (Aprox. U$S 15,000)
2.3i Microbus

Same as 1.8 Microbus, except: 5 cylinder, 2309 cc, standard 15" aluminum wheels, digital clock, tachometer, tinted glass all around, power steering, ceiling mounted A/C (optional).
Price: R 111,650 (Approx: U$S18,600)

2.6i Microbus
Same as 2.3i, except: 2535 cc, 5 speed manual, power and heated side rear view mirrors, height adjustable seat belts
Price: R 144,260 (Approx. U$S 24,000)

2.6i Caravelle
Same as 2.6i, except: Power front windows, velour cloth trim, foldable armrests throughout, rectangular headlights.
Price: R 165,270 (Approx. U$S 27,500)

All vehicles compatible with unleaded fuel, camper version and diesel engine not available, 1998 prices.
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