1966 VW SO-42 Westfalia For Sale


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The 1500 single port engine is the original one, all numbers match. The odometer has just gone over the 95,000 original miles. All this is documented, I have the maintenance records since new; everything ever done to this bus is recorded there. The engine compression and end play are within specs. It was first serviced at a VW dealership in Seattle, and then at the same VW shop for all it's life! It runs and drives like VWs did when they were new. It feels tight, and comfortable to drive. It has the original 6V system and governor below the carburetor. The battery has the original metal cover, and holding strap in original green paint. The transmission is in very good shape, shifts easily in all gears. The wiring is untouched and original with correct color-coding. The original electrical system is flawless, everything works (high beam blue dash indicator, turn signals, idiot lights, hazards, interior lights, parking lights, etc. etc.) Since I bought the bus, it has been maintained by a factory-trained German VW mechanic. The oil pressure light comes on at idling after driving the bus for a long time in a freeway (on hot days). I did a lot of research on this and determined that this is not unusual for a 95K aircooled engine, and that it doesn't mean that it requires a rebuild. Again, end play, compression, and power are all great. It would be quite inexpensive to have the engine rebuilt, but I chose not to do it because I don't think it is necessary at this point.