1966 VW SO-42 Westfalia For Sale


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The bus has an extraordinary amount of documentation: all purchasing paperwork, VW bill of sale detailing vehicle's equipment, all mechanical records since new, shipping documentation, a set of German tourist plates, and more. I also have the set of Washington license plates that it got when registered in the US in 1966 (peeled the stickers all the way down to 67). It is currently registered under my name in the state of Oregon (USA). This bus will be featured in the upcoming David Eccless' book about the VW lifestyle, scheduled to come out in 2006.

M-Code plate:

22 4

430 B42 080 108

UT 2312 523642 6140883

Documentation included with the bus (click on the thumbnails for larger photos):

Invoice from Volkswagen

"Birth Certificate" from Wolfsburg

French Postcards Found in the Bus

Tourist Car Order

NOS Owner's Manual

NOS SO 42 Manual

M Codes Deciphered

Overseas Delivery Bulletin

Copy of 66 Velvet Green Westy Postcard

Dealership Plastic Cover (as new condition!)

German Travel Paperwork

Insurance Documents Binder

Driving Tips for Overseas Tourists

Equipment & Pricing

Shipping Order

Receipt for Tourist Car Order

European Brochure

First Receipt in the Maintenance Records Folder (1966-2005)

US Customs Entry Document

Shipping Inspection Chart

German Tourist Driving Permit

Volkswagenwerk Envelope

Vessel Information

Whale Pump Installation Instructions