Take a look at some of the WetWesties members and their vehicles: (and send me your own pictures)

Cris Torlasco's buses

Emeri Hansen's '64 bus Pic 1Pic 2

Jack Maynard's 1965 Kombi "Eugene the Green" (Learn about Jack and Kelli's 8013-mile honeymoon trip to Mexico with their splittie here)

Jim Arnott's 1977 Riviera Campwagen "Bleu" Pic 1 Pic 2

Phil & Pattie Carlson's Vanagon Westie Pic 1 Pic 2

Charles "Luke" Lukey's (right) and Crandalls' (left) buses at the beach. (As seen in the 1996 NEATO/Bulli Kartei/SSVC calendar). Pic 1

The Frampton's wonderful sequence of Volkswagens throughout the years. Go!

Harald and Nancy's impeccable '90 Westie. Pics 1 (with H&N) and 2 (with Fafner)Visit their great VW-travel web site

Pete and Sally's well-traveled '87 Westie.

Ty's split window Westfalia

Kim's'78 Westie

The Ostrom's '87 Westie. This one takes a while to download, but it is a great looking photo. And some shots of their current '90 Syncro Westfalia: Pic 1 (at the Alvord desert, OR) Pic 2 (among the redwoods, CA) Pic 3 (at Lopez Bay, WA)

Curt Long's  1987 Westfalia Syncro and '71 Riviera , sleeping  under a bridge, and his perfect '90 Syncro Westfalia

Brad Thompson's '72 Riviera "Wonderbus"

Craig Stanley's '81 Westfalia

Pat and Debra Steppic's '71 Riviera

Nate and Denia Morse's '66 E-Z camper

Dale and Trish Goodvin's '72 Westfalia Campmobile "Lily"Photo 1 Photo 2

Jeff Gentry's Vanagon Westie in McKenzie Bridge, OR

Nick and Jackie MacDonald's Vanagon Westie in the Northern Rockies

Pat Callaghan's '82 aircooled Westfalia

Willem and Kerstin's 1979 blue Riviera

Kim MacKerricher's 1974 Westfalia

Adam Crosier's 1962 Standard Microbus, 1959 Deluxe Beetle, and 1961 Deluxe Microbus.

Tood and Karen Schlemmer's 1993 Eurovan Camper at Lost Lake, on the flanks of Mt. Hood, OR.

Karl Mullendore's 1987 Canadian Westfalia Syncro with South African grille & wheels (15"), 1.9 TD intercooler engine, and no gauge shortage....

Mark Garnick's late model Vanagon Westfalia Syncro

Steve & Rosemary's 1971 Westy "Merlin" in West Seattle, WA.

Michelle's 1966 Westfalia.

Erick Faith┤s 1990 Westfalia "Elke" in San JosÚ, Costa Rica.

Scott & Vicky Nordentoft's, 74 Riviera Panel in Kent, Washington.

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