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Type I

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All suggested applications (years, models, chassis numbers) are provided as a guide only and to my best knowledge are correct. I have taken the data from parts manuals and catalogs. Buyer is responsible for checking part compatibility for the intended destination vehicle.

Please also note that many of the Type 1 parts, especially Section 1 parts, will fit other VW types.

Main Group 1 (Engine)

Main Group 2 (Fuel Tank, Exhaust System, Heater Pipes)

Main Group 3 (Transmission)

Main Group 4 (Front Axle/Steering)

Main Group 5 (Rear Axle)

Main Group 6 (Road Wheels, Brakes)

Main Group 7 (Frame, Hand Lever System, Pedal Cluster)

Main Group 8 (Body)

Main Group 9 (Electrical Equipment)

Main Group O (Accessories)

Addendum ST (Standard Parts)

Addendum SP (SP Sets)