Travesía Panamericana
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Any information about other relevant web sites is welcomed. Thanks. Warning: most of the following links are VW-related...(and quite possibly addictive)

An Early VW Westfalia Exploring Africa

Twenty years around the world in a VW camper.

Absolutely fascinating...

Los Ligato

Rich and Amanda Ligato are currently driving their 79 VW Westfalia around the world. Fascinating. They have an e-mail list.

Larry Chase's North American Road Trip in a Syncro Westy.


A bunch of north american VW Westfalias on a trip to celebrate the new millenium at the end of the road, in Tierra del Fuego.

Will & Larry's South American Adventure

Jack and Kelli's Honeymoon Adventure

An 8,000 plus miles journey through Mexico in a 1965 VW camper. Very entertaining and inspiring reports and photos. Jack is a co-founder of the WetWesties together with Jim Arnott and myself.

My 1966 Westfalia in Mexico

To India in a VW Camper

From England to India in a 1972 VW Dormobile conversion bus.

The Zebra Safari

Christian Figenschou's overland trip across Africa in his "Zebra Bus",  a 1975 Volkswagen Fleetline Kombi. This is a split-windscreen Kombi made in Brazil and assembled in South Africa during 1975 (one year only), some eight years after German production of split-screen buses had ended in 1967.

Kevin and Heather's Excellent Adventure.

Latin America in a diesel Vanagon Westfalia, by Kevin Innes. With an unexpected ending...


Top of the World Tour

A dozen Volkswagen busses of different vintage traveled to Inuvik, in Canada's Northwest Territories. In 23 days the drivers covered 8,424 kilometers, 2,703 on unpaved roads.

The Journey

See what happens when Eric, his friends and a Golden Retriever named Jack pile in a VW bus and hit the road. Destination ... America.

Down South

And fast!! Volkswagen AG's Guiness speed-record-breaking trip from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, with a TDi Syncro Multivan (in German).


World Odyssey.

The Upton's overland adventures around the world.

Latin American Challenge

Driving a Land Rover from Texas to Tierra del Fuego.

From Argentina to Canada in a Graham Paige

Herman Zapp and his wife Candelaria crossed the continet in an unrestored, original 1928 Graham Paige! (in Spanish)

San Francisco to Tierra del Fuego

Tips after driving a Toyota 4Runner to the end of the world.

Motorcyclist Survival Guide to World Travel

Very thorough and useful, even for automobile traveling. Has country-specific links.

Jeff and Linda's World

Very entertaining reports from this couple and their travels around the world.

South American Explorers' Club

The non-profit South American Explorers (SAE) is a source of travel information for South and Central America. Supported almost entirely through the contributions of its members, SAE seeks to aid educational and scientific projects, to sponsor expeditions, to promote worthy community service organizations and activities, and to awaken greater interest in and appreciation of Latin America.


(US Gov't) Tips for Travelers to Central and South America

US embassies in Latin America and other information. Warning: the value of some of their comments depend on your views about Latin America.

India by Motorcycle

A motorcycle expierence in India, with lots of information and good reading.

India by Motorcycle

Jack & Kelli in Mexico

Peruvian natives clearing the road by hand for Ernst Jahn's bus- Inca Highway, 1967

Ready For Adventure

Guillermo Muller's 57 Bus in Patagonia, Argentina