Travesía Panamericana
Week 12

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Costa Rica

June 24/30, 2002

San Jose, Costa Rica

Odometer: 205,709

Written by: Cris

Most of this week went by doing odds and ends to the car (like fixing the cabinet doors and adding the metal headlight gravel protectors), running errands, and doing other miscellaneous chores in preparation for the South American leg of the journey.

Farewell Party at the Faith Residence

On Friday we were treated with a farewell party at the Faiths residence. Some of the people we met during our three weeks in San Jose came. There was good food, conversation, much laughter and dancing until late at night. We were surprised with gifts that will remind us our friends in Costa Rica.

On Sunday we saw the last of the World Cup games with the Faiths. Brasil got the title for the fifth time. Watching these games at unusual times (midnight, 3:00 AM and 5:30 AM) has been a regular feature of our stay in Costa Rica, to a point where we almost got used to the routine. As a matter of fact, after many days living with the Faith family we were starting to have a routine, something that we welcomed after so many weeks of not having one. We slowly got used to the daily family chores and activities, and how we fit in; Barbara helping the kids with homework, me doing the dishes, both of us having breakfast with the family, Chance staying in the garage, Barbara and Marjorie chatting and watching a novela (soap opera), Erick and I exchanging car tips, etc. This routine and sense of security was great right before the most challenging and uncertain part of our trip, getting the three of us and the vehicle to South America. We will always be grateful to the Faiths.

Week 13