1966 VW SO-42 Westfalia For Sale

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Click on the thumbnails for larger photos:

Original VW 100,000 km St. Cristopher Badge

NOS Hella Back Up Light Speedometer Sending Unit

Genuine VW "1500" Emblem

Period-Correct Window Air Deflectors (notice also original European camping sticker on vent window)

NOS Hella Back Up Light

L512 (Velvet Green) VW Touch Up Paint

What I've done:
There was not much to add to this bus, all I did was to install an original set of yellow/white/brown plaid Westfalia curtains, front seats were reupholstered to match the original salt & pepper pattern exactly, and new rubber gaskets where necessary (front doors/windows, windshield, pop top, etc.). I also installed a new set of 195/75/14 tires, a NOS Hella back up light along with a NOS Hella speedometer sending unit for it, and new commercial (grey) hubcaps (but I do have the original ones!). Other than that, just the usual maintenance stuff, always using the best available parts and products. The bus has been garaged throughout its entire life.