1966 VW SO-42 Westfalia For Sale


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The bus is 99% rust free. There is only a bit in the battery tray and a couple of small pin holes on the drivers side dog leg by the rocker panel. That is it! The chassis is dry and solid. Front and cargo floors are dry. There is still a lot of original Velvet Green (L512) paint in this bus to be buffed out. It shines! It had three rusty areas (rear corner, gutter section, and base of cargo doors/threshold) when I bought it, and I had Mark Lapriore (well-known VW bus restoration specialist) fix them. He used the original Glasurit brand paint to match the existing. There are a few dings on the sides, product of so many years of use. They could be easily fixed, but since there is no rust threat and the paint is not peeled off, I decided to leave them alone. The cockpit is in extraordinary shape, the original radio block off plate has probably never been taken out, it still has the OG retaining clips on the underside. The Silver White paint in the wheels and bumpers is the original one. I have been close to paint them a couple of times, but wanted to be completely sure it was the right thing to do...getting rid of original paint is something to be considered seriously! But the bus would look almost as new if it had this done. There are surface rust spots in both of the original bumpers. The nose is as straight as it can be, but has accumulated a good number of highway rock chips over the years. The front emblem has been repainted to match the original off white.

Small rust area